Fotos históricas em preto e branco coloridas digitalmente

Kissing the War Goodbye, V-J Day August 14, 1945

Neste post, uma série de fotos históricas em preto e branco coloridas digitalmente no Photoshop.  É utilizada a técnica de colorização digital de fotos, em inglês chamada de Film colorization ou Colourisation. Muito interessante, as cores dão um olhar diferente para as imagens. Confira a seguir:

Abandoned boy holding a stuffed toy animal. London 1945

Hindenburg Disaster – May 6, 1937

Japanese Archers circa 1860

View from Capitol in Nashville, Tennessee During the Civil War, 1864

Unemployed lumber worker, circa 1939

Audrey Hepburn

Albert Einstein, Summer 1939 Nassau Point, Long Island, NY

Joseph Goebbels scowling at photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt after finding out he’s Jewish, 1933

Young boy in Baltimore slum area, July 1938

British troops cheerfully board their train for the first stage of their trip to the front – England, September 20, 1939

Oscar II, King of Sweden and Norway, 1880

Walt Whitman, 1887

Mark Twain in the garden, circa 1900

Charlie Chaplin at the age of 27, 1916

Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film)

‘Old Gold’, Country store, 1939

Auto Wreck in Washington D.C, 1921

Charles Darwin

Abraham Lincoln, 1865

Theodore Roosevelt

Margaret Bourke White Photography

Dorothy Counts

Anne Frank, 1942

Winston Churchill

Thomas Edison

Nikola Tesla, 1893

Testing the Hydrogen Bomb

Big Jay McNeely Driving the Crowd at the Olympic Auditorium into a Frenzy, Los Angeles, 1953

W.H. Murphy and his associate demonstrating their bulletproof vest on October 13, 1923

Muitas das fotos foram retiradas do subreddit History in Color (que possui outras fotos históricas coloridas digitalmente) e do site da artista digital Sanna Dullaway.

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